Appendices: Child Protection/Safeguarding Children (including Channel Referral & Early Help)

A. Appendix A Job Descriptions Designated Safeguarding Team (DST)


AA. Appendix AA CB Childcare Consultancy Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements Audit

B. Appendix B Guidance for the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) on the Management Committee

BB. Appendix BB Key messages from Safeguarding Practice Reviews


C. Appendix C Child Protection and WRAP 3 Training Certificates for all DSL_s

CC. Appendix CC One Minute Guide to Neglect

D. Internal Concerns Referral Sheet

DD. Appendix DD Cornwall Graded Care Profile

E. Appendix E Keeping Children Safe Leaflet

EE. Threshold Tool


F. Appendix F Safeguarding Compliance Checklist

FF. MACSE Person or Location of Concern Form


G. Appendix G CB Childcare Consultancy  Signs, Symptoms and Considerations of Abuse handout


H. Appendix H CB Consultancy Peer to Peer Abuse Guidance


I. Appendix I Bruising and Injuries to Non-Mobile Children


J. Appendix J Dealing with Disclosures of Abuse


K. Appendix K Cornwall Interagency Referral Form (2016)


L. Appendix L Conflict Resolution Policy


M. Appendix M Signs and Indicators of Abuse Summary


N. Appendix N Cornwall Channel Process Flowchart


O. Appendix O Unicef Map of Prevalence - understanding girls who would be at risk of FGM


P. Appendix P LADO Professional Allegation Referral Form


Q. Appendix Q Child Protection Safeguarding Children Policy Staff Quiz


R. Appendix R The Golden Rules for Multi-Agency Working


S. Appendix S Oasis Staff Code of Conduct


T. Appendix T Keeping Children Safe in Education What you need to know (handout for parents)


U. Appendix U Flowchart for raising safeguarding concerns about a child


V. Appendix V NSCB Neglect Screening Tool


W. Appendix W What is life like for us. Questions Professionals should be asking themselves when working with families.


X. Appendix X Resistant Families Handout

Y. Appendix Y Designated Safeguarding Lead Monthly Calendar

Z. Appendix Z Safeguarding Mind-Map

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