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Appendices: Child Protection/Safeguarding Children (including Channel Referral & Early Help)

A. Job Descriptions Designated Safeguarding Team (DST)


B. Guidance for the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) on the Management Committee

C. Child Protection and WRAP 3 Training Certificates for all DSL's 

D. Internal Concerns Referral Sheet

E. Keeping Children Safe Leaflet

F. Annual Safeguarding Self Assessment Audit

G. CB Childcare Consultancy  Signs, Symptoms and Considerations of Abuse handout

H. CB Consultancy Peer to Peer Abuse Guidance


I. Bruising and Injuries to Non-Mobile Children


J. Low Level Concerns Log Form


K. Cornwall Interagency Referral Form


L. Conflict Resolution Policy


M. Signs and Indicators of Abuse Summary


N. Cornwall Channel Process Flowchart


O. Unicef Map of Prevalence - understanding girls who would be at risk of FGM


P. LADO Professional Allegation Referral Form


Q. Child Protection Safeguarding Children Policy Staff Quiz


R. The Golden Rules for Multi-Agency Working


S. Oasis Staff Code of Conduct


T. Keeping Children Safe in Education What you need to know (handout for parents)


U. Flowchart for raising safeguarding concerns about a child


V. NSCB Neglect Screening Tool


W. What is life like for us. Questions Professionals should be asking themselves when working with families.


X. Resistant Families Handout

Y. Safeguarding Mind-Map

Z. Key messages from Safeguarding Practice Reviews

AA. One Minute Guide to Neglect

BB. Cornwall Graded Care Profile

CC. Threshold Tool

DD. MACSE Person or Location of Concern Form

EE. Brook Traffic Light Tool

FF. Dealing with Disclosures of Abuse

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