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Parental Involvement

The Oasis Childcare Centre welcomes and encourages the involvement of parents/carers, grandparents, members of the local community and the local authority. Working in partnership with parents provides the children with the best possible start!


We are always happy to have help during sessions if you have time - cooking, reading, playing or maybe taking part in sports or music activities. We often arrange to have visitors such as the local vet, community police officer, nurse, dentist, farmer and fire brigade. We organise trips out to the local supermarket, beach, farms, woods and tri service station - helping to introduce them to their wider environment. Fund-raising activities are great ways to get involved. Money raised is always ploughed back into the nursery, building up resources for the children. Help is always needed and appreciated!

Parents are kept informed and up to date on current interests of children with daily diaries and monthly newsletters, and they are encouraged to get involved or bring items into the setting to share and display. A Key Person system is in place giving that personal touch for each parent and child. Parent Consultation evenings are arranged twice a year (at the end of the Autumn Term and end of the Summer Term) to share your child’s learning journey and to discuss their learning and development. This is alongside everyday informal chats at the beginning and end of each session. Staff also work alongside parents to complete monthly learning stories on the children and gather the parents feedback and links to the home learning environment. Parents are also encouraged to become involved with their child's learning by taking home next step bags or home learning activities.

We ask parents to read our policies and procedures and welcome their feedback. Parents are given core policies during their initial tour of the centre. All policies are displayed in the reception area for parents to freely access at their own convenience. We also display monthly policies on the parents noticeboard and parents comments are sought through access to a suggestion box, which is displayed in the reception area. We pride ourselves on our daily feedback chats with parents and give parents the opportunity to complete parental questionnaires twice yearly.

We also currently have 3 parents who are members of our Committee. If you would like to get involved, please speak to a member of staff!

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