Trips, Visits & Celebration Days


A big thank you to the Pre-school parents for supporting their child with creating a Supertato.  The children have enjoyed sharing their ideas and discussing their cretaions. 

Nurse Jen

A big thank you to Nurse Jen for visiting the Pre-School to talk to the children about the role of a nurse.  The children had fun learning about their heartbeat and pulse, using a stethoscope to listen to each other's heartbeat, using steri-strips, bandaging a wound and staying safe with medicine.

Music and Dance Education

This week’s session focused on dinosaurs which is a keen interest of many of our children. Our keen dinosaur enthusiasts shared their knowledge and understanding of the imaginary dinosaur world. Staff and children explored jungle themed music and animal sounds while stomping through the make-believe jungle. The children also enjoyed an interactive story which included a surprise visit from a large Tyrannosaurus-rex. These learning experiences were later extended that afternoon with exploring dinosaur books and our dinosaur roleplay.

Visit from Cannon Nigel and Lucy

The children and staff enjoyed a visit from Cannon Nigel of Ludgvan Church. He was accompanied by his dear friend Lucy the puppet who led an interactive story with props. The children were also given the opportunity to learn new action songs and rhymes. At the end of the visit the children all gave Lucy a hug and ensured she was safely returned to her house box for a rest until her next visit. The children and staff are very excited about visiting Cannon Nigel with their families at our local church for our up and coming Christingle Service.

Pre School Graduation

Children, parents/carers, extended family members, community helpers and Committee Members all came together to celebrate a proud day to be remembered by us all. The children took to the stage to be presented with their personalised graduation scroll/speech highlighting their individual characteristics and time at Oasis. The parents were also entertained by the children’s music performance accompanied by Music and Dance Education. The performance included the Oasis ‘‘Goodbye Song’’, where tissues were readily available for parents. Cream teas were enjoyed by all in the beautiful sunshine, providing opportunities for parents to spend time together and play on the field and in the park with their children.

Penzance Fire Station