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Full wraparound day-care from 8am - 6pm

The main nursery room has a comfortable, friendly, relaxed feel. The Breakfast, After School Club and Pre-School children all meet up in this room in the morning for free-play and breakfast before the older children leave for school. During the morning and afternoon sessions the toddler and pre-school children are incorporated into the relevant sessions for their age group. At 12:00pm the toddler and pre-school children all come together in the main room to eat their lunch, which helps us to achieve a nice family feel. A totally enclosed 'Baby Room' is also situated within the nursery providing day care for babies aged 3 months to 2 years. Day Care provides children with the means to socialise and learn in a fun, stimulating environment. Free play within planned activities around the child ensures that the children are constantly learning through play.

Sessions are available to all age groups. Lots of messy activities, cooking, playing and fun! Every child has their own named key worker who is available to liaise with parents on a one to one basis wherever possible.

Please let them know of any special interests your child has and/or develops. Every child has a diary to aid communication. One of our strengths is the good working partnerships we have with parents.


The Baby Room (ages 3 months – 2 years) is a friendly home from home: a safe, totally enclosed area within the nursery. The experienced, well qualified staff provide opportunities for singing, stories, heuristic play (exploring/investigating natural and household objects), and fantastic sensory and creative activities – very often activities that your children might not experience at home, resulting in lots of fun and happy stimulated children!

Daily visits to the outdoors are always popular, climbing, balancing, exploring etc and we often take walks around the school grounds. The Baby Room also has a separate quiet area/sleep room with cots for sleeping.

A Baby Room Supervisor is available 8.00am to 6.00pm all year round providing consistency, bonds and attachment. 

Time is spent chatting to parents daily and each child is allocated a ‘Key Person’ who will liaise with parents and complete daily diaries with important information such as sleep times, nappy changes, food and bottles.

Individual records and observations of your child’s experiences, development and learning are recorded alongside photographs in ‘Learning Journeys’ which are available for you to look at any time. Daily diaries are completed with any extra information you need.

Cuddles, love, affection and a stimulating environment are key to a happy contented baby and that is what we aim to provide!


The Toddler Room (ages 2-3½ years) with comfortable corners, incorporating a book corner, home corner, creative areas, construction, sand, water, drawing and of course messy play! “Free-flow play” outdoors operates throughout the morning and afternoons, enabling Toddlers to mix with both children and staff from the Pre-school.


At the beginning of each session, staff will spend time chatting to you, and help your child to ‘self-register’ with their own individual name card with photo. Interesting, exciting, creative and sensory activities are planned e.g. cooking, making play dough, painting, collage, coloured water etc. as well as other activities in the outdoor environment. It is just as important for staff and children to have quiet times too, just cuddling and relaxing with a story in the book corner.

Children learn ‘mini life skills’ such as spreading butter on toast and pouring drinks during cafe snack, toilet training and washing hands, which provides opportunities for them to express their growing independence. Spending time with qualified, dedicated and caring staff provides children with opportunities to chat with others and be listened to. Joining in with small group 'Talk Time' and 'Circle Time' (if they are ready) at the end of the session with singing, stories, puppets and games encourages children's social interaction.

Individual records and observations of your child’s experiences, development and learning are recorded alongside photographs in ‘Learning Journeys’ which are available for you to look at any time. Daily diaries are completed by staff who will spend time chatting again with you about what your child has enjoyed doing!


Open from 8.45am to 3:30pm 

Pre-School sessions (ages 3½ to 4 years) are a natural progression from the Toddler sessions and are available the academic year before children start school (these sessions run during term time only).

The room is set out with various areas including a construction corner, book corner, home corner, puzzles, creative messy areas with paint, glue and mark making equipment, water, sand, computer area, musical instruments, and table activities too!

We operate an innovative, stimulating, 'free flow' environment!

Children are able to access the indoors and the outdoor area throughout the session. This system has received high praise from OFSTED and Early Years Advisors. It works well and the children love it! 

We have well qualified staff with a wide range of qualities who offer fabulous creative activities and imaginative experiences both indoors and out to extend and enhance children's play and learning using a wide variety of resources.

Individual records and observations of your child's experiences, development and learning are recorded alongside photographs in 'Learning Journeys' which are available for you to look at at any time. 

Children take home 'book bags' with a library book and 'daily diary'.

We continue to provide education sessions throughout the afternoon too.


Open from 8.00am to 8:40am and 3:30pm to 6:00pm

At Kid's Club we offer a friendly, welcoming environment, in which children can enjoy spending time together. We have a wide range of games, toys and planned activities for the children to explore. Breakfast Club children are offered cereal/toast/drinks etc for breakfast. After school children are offered a small snack on arrival. Any child staying later than 5.00 pm is offered a more substantial snack, e.g. beans on toast, a crumpet etc. On the days we provide cooking activities children are welcome to eat their own creations!


We offer homework club on the request of parents. The onsite teachers are always on hand to help if required.


During term time we run a homework table each evening where a member of staff will listen to the child read and help with homework. This information is shared with the parent on collection and also written in the child's school diary.

Holiday Club (open 8.00am to 6.00pm)

Marazion Oasis

Operates term time only, opening for 38 weeks of the year.

Oasis Ludgvan

We operate Kid's Club through the school holidays and we are open all year round, closing for the Christmas period, annual summer closure (usually the last 2 full weeks of August) and bank holidays. Holidays are fun packed and we aim to give the children lots of positive experiences during their time with us. In the past we have;

  • gone to the cinema

  • built dens at Tehidy Woods

  • spent the day at the beach

  • had football and cricket coaching

  • held drama and dance workshops

  • taken part in local play days

  • taken part in leading the procession of our village country fair

  • discos

Booking In

For the safety of all children it is essential to book and give early notice of attendance to enable the correct staffing rations to be met. 'Entry Details' will also need to be completed before any child can be left in our care for our own records and emergencies.